The Coming Fairs As Follows

Hungary China Light Industrial Products Middle East Europe Expo 
Date: June16-18
Address:China Commodity Trading Center 
Poland Trade Fair
Date: June7-9
Address:Warsaw International Exhibition Center
Kenya Trade Week
Date: June29-July1
Address:Kenyatta International Convention Center
The Fair We Attended In May
The 119th Canton Fair
Date: April 15-May 5th
Address:China Import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall
Exhibiting products:Daily general merchandise

Our Group’s Spring Canton Fair Business Is In Full Swing

Sellers Union Group, sending a group of business backbone, costing over millions of dollars with more than 50 booths, achieved the anticipated good results in the 119th Canton Fair. With a coverage from the traditional consumer goods to the professional goods on kitchen, dining, pets and toys.

The Deeping Supply Chain Management Driving Sales Up

Cybernaut·Yunsheng New Material PE Funds Established

Chinese Market

The Foreign Trade Performance Of April 

According to the Customs statistics, China’s total import and export in January-April reached RMB 7.1671 trillion, down 4.4% year on year. Among these, the export was RMB 4.13736 trillion, down 2.1%; the import was RMB 3.20974, down 7.5%. The monthly export in April was up 4.1% . 

The Regular Press Conference of the Ministry of Commerce (May 17)

The case of cooperation

We are mating with our custmers and suppliers closely, and promote development and growth each other.

First Cooperation With Korea Guest

As the first contacting with the Korean supermarket customers, it was a noon in mid-August, I was informed suddenly to welcome the new guests by Juliet, our sales department director. It was the first time I met Mr. K, a Korea boss who opened a trading company in China! After a brief introduction on our company, I showed them our sample room with our main business category. During their satisfied visit, we learned that Korean supermarket customers were also the first attempt to cooperate through them. They were constantly looking for quality suppliers, and such a large sample in a row, made it ready for Korean supermarket guests' visit.

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A Story Between Me And Supplier

Yiwu Starry Plastic Toy Factory, located on Shangxi town. The factory covers more than 3,000 square meters, 1,500 square meters workshop area, 500 square meters warehouse area and 60 square meters sample area. The factory has 12 big professional machines,15 small ones and a complete production line. Factory employs about 70 people, the main products are swimming laps, inflatable toys, pools and other products, mainly exports to North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Japan, South Korea and other places. Annual sales are around 20-30 million yuan, the daily output is 300,000 products. Factory has rich samples which quote fair prices.

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The concepts of corpotate culture

Be An Open And Transparent Public Enterprise

Our group is a relatively open-minded enterprise which surpasses ordinary listed enterprises on the level of information disclosure in many respects.We have contributed a lot to constructing information dissemination channels to the public and have composed of a channel system .

Staff Activities

  • Rayying Held Egg-striking Party To Welcome The Beginning Of Summer

    May,5th is the first solar term of summer, which means the weather starts changing from end of spring to early summer.According to Chinese traditional customs, people eat tea egg to wish a strong body since there always goes an old saying, “Having tea eggs in the beginning of summer,tramping down the rock will be a piece of cake”.

  • The Financial Management Department Held BBQ Party In Taogong Island

    In such beautiful spring season, the Financial Management Department of Sellers Union Group organized a BBQ trip without any hesitation.Slumbering after a whole winter and once speaking to BBQ plan, the financial office erupted the unprecedentedly enthusiasm and expectation. 

  • The Export Service Department Of Sellers Union Had Dinner Together

    Due to the fine weather last weekend, the export service department of Sellers Union ,a energetic, positive,diligent group, got together and held a DIY hotpot feast.From food ingredients preparation, cleaning,cutting, cooking to finally plate presentation are all out of the hands of export department members.

Recommend products


HuanYuan clothing Market

Yiwu new Huangyuan market formally opened recently. It is located in the most prosperous business area of embroidered lake. The south of this market is Jiangbin Road, the south is Middle Chouzhou Road and the west is Huangyuan Road. The market covers an area of 117 acres and the building area is more than 420 thousand square meters. The total investment is RMB 1.4 billion.Moved from Binwang Road to the river bank, the operating style of Huangyuan market upgraded from outside to inside. Compared with the 2.8 square meters open booth. 



Journey To Antient Towns

Upon your arrival in Huzhou, you can first tour around the Nanxun Town, the Little Lotus Manor, the Jia Ye Tang library, the Zhang Shiming’s house, the Ying Garden, the Zhang Jingjiang’s house and the residential building of Ming Dynasty—Baige Building.In the afternoon, you’ll travel around the Xitang Town.In the evening, you can choose to appreciate the reflection of the residential buildings in the water full of flickering lights. And you can also sit quietly in those bars.



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