The Coming Fairs As Follows:

Autumn Fair 2016

Address: China Import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall

Phase Ⅱ Oct.23-27

Booth NO.:







Phase Ⅲ  Oct.31-Nov.4

Booth NO.:





China Commodity (Mumbai India) Exhibition

Date: November15-17

Address: Mumbai India Exhibition Center


Mexico China Investment and Trade Fair

Date: November22-24
Address: Mexico City Commercial Bank Exhibition Center

Sellers Union Group Held Development Strategy Seminar Of 2016

In September 10th,our group held the Development Strategy Seminar in Ningbo. Group Operations Decision Committee and the Directors of all subsidiaries got together to discuss the development of our group, set off a warm brainstorming.

Our Group Held Communication Meeting With Suppliers

Visit and Learn to Find Out Disparity Communicate and  Seek For Common Progress

Chinese Market

According to the Customs statistics, China’s total import and export in January-August reached RMB15.4 trillion, decrease 1.8% year on year.The export was RMB 8.8 trillion, decrease 1%; the import was RMB6.5 trillion, decrease 2.9%.

Situation of China’s Consumer Market in August

Great Progress Made In Us-China Bit Negotiations

Establishment and Change of Foreign Invested Enterprises

The case of cooperation

We are mating with our custmers and suppliers closely, and promote development and growth each other.

The Devil Is In The Details

I felt so excited but very nervous in the first connection with LT. As I am not the person who met the customer in the Fashion Show in Las Vagas where LT knew the company Union Deal.I did not know much about the cooperator who I need to know.After making an quotation list of the items they chose from our booth and new recommendation,I sent an email to LT.

The Most Beautiful Lady Boss——Yan Chen

The first time when I met Yan Chen is at the beginning of 2013, I am back to office and found a younger pretty girl near by my seat some day. I am confuse it is a newcomer?  Oh, It turned out to be the lady boss which from one of our sock suppliers.Although, Yan Chen’s age is as ours and it is very young, but she is of strong work ability. Also she can provide the most accurate price.

The concepts of corpotate culture

Harmonious Business

Harmony to make wealth is the essence of Chinese traditional business culture, and is also a culture source of Sellers Union Group business. We believe that only in harmony with the opponent can we maintain a healthy market.

Staff Activities

  • Rayying’s Zhoushan Trip

    27th, August, members from Rayying start their trip to Zhoushan, Ningbo. The first destination is Wushitang, Zhujiajian. We enjoy the beautiful scene and then go to the sea by boat, and also eaprerience the work of fisherman. We eat the newly haunted crabs. They are really delicious! 

  • Wonderful Trip to Thailand

    4.00PM, 6th,September, the 6-day-vocation started, and 29 members of Union Deal went for the trip to Thailand.First day, Royal Palace, the Jade Buddha Temple, Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall, these fantastic and symbolistic buildings really empressed us a lot. As known to all, Thailand is paradise for shopping, Royal Gems International, Leather Centre, Saithip Butterfly Garden,  Local Product Centre.

  • Journal to Yunnan

    Early morning at 24th, Aug, members from Unionchance starts their 5 days’ trip to Yunnan.After the 3-hour flight, all members arrived Lijiang, Yunnan, and everyone feels energetic and excited about the Chama Old Town in Shuhe. The old and historic city is really shining and unique.

Recommend products


Zhan Xi Clothing Wholesale Market

Guangzhou Zhan Xi Clothing Wholesale Market is near to the Guangzhou Railway Station and the provincial bus station.It is the clothing distribution center in Guangzhou and South China.  It plays a important role in the China's clothing wholesale market and have many high-performance , well-known manufacturers.


 Hengdian Two Day’s Trip

Our included sightseeing tour will begin with a visit to the scenery spot of Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival, which molded on the masterpiece of Zhang Zerui, a famous painter of Northern Song Dynasty. With a covering of more than 40 hectares and over 120 buildings, you can explore many social background and folk-customs of Song Dynasty here and also appreciate various quaint architectures.


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