The Coming Fairs As Follows:


Autumn Fair 2016

Address: China Import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall

Exhibition products:Sports and leisure,Lamps and lanterns,Apparel accessories,Luggage and bags

Phase Ⅲ  Oct.31-Nov.4

Booth NO.:





China Commodity (Mumbai India) Exhibition

Date: November15-17

Address: Mumbai India Exhibition Center


Mexico China Investment and Trade Fair

Date: November22-24

Address: Mexico City Commercial Bank Exhibition Center
China (India) Home Brand Expo
Date: December13-15
Address: Mumbai India International Exhibition Center

Sellers Union Group Participated In The 120th Canton Fair

The remarkable Canton Fair opened the 120th session as scheduled, and Sellersunion Group participated in it for the 38th time. 

“Wild Breeze”, Never Forget Initial Determination

Sellers Union Group Held Public Training Courses To Suppliers

Chinese Market

According to the Customs statistics, China’s total import and export in January-September reached RMB17.53 trillion, decrease 1.9% year on year.The export was RMB10.06 trillion, decrease 1.6%; the import was RMB7.47 trillion, decrease 2.3%.

Outward Investment and Cooperation Situation of China in January-September

China’s Assimilation of FDI in January-September

WTO’s Reducing the Global Trade Growth

The case of cooperation

We are mating with our custmers and suppliers closely, and promote development and growth each other.

Some Stories About Cooperation With The Professional Customer Peter

Our team is a team making professional products like knitting shoes, hats, socks and other products needing high professionalism. Usually professional products require high requirements for purchasers and salesmen. We need to know each part from material, size, weight and style to production process. Shortly after our team was established, we met an American customer: Peter.

To Earn the Trust With Sincerity

A good supplier can save a lot of unnecessary trouble for purchaser. It plays a decisive role in smooth operation of the entire order. Today, the supplier I want to introduce to you is a small family workshop. They are operating a booth in Yiwu market. The majority of products I am doing now are gloves, so I always talk with the boss for a while and give my name card.

The concepts of corpotate culture

Market Oriented

Foreign trade enterprises face to the international market, which requires companies to follow the international market rules and act according to market economy rules. Thus, during the transition process of all the industries from a planned economy to a market economy, foreign trade is the first and completed market-oriented industry. 

Staff Activities

  • Rayying Family Enjoyed Dream Tour to Bali

    Azure sea and white sand beach, Bali, intersection of longitude and latitude defined “paradise” in the world. From September 14 to 19, six days and five nights, we traveled thousands of miles to enjoy the paradise on earth.The first day, we spent a day on the plane. It was already early morning when we arrived at Bali. 

  • Okinawa, Japan-A Romantic and Crazy Travel

    Okinawa, Japan, a beautiful scenery and multi-cultural island. On September 24th, 30 of us from Rayying family gathered in Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport and set off for a journey to "the Ryukyu Kingdom".The next day, we had the Japanese breakfast. After that we followed a local humorous tour guide to “Cape Manzamo". 

  • Warehouse & Logistic Department Enjoyed Three Days Tour to Jiangsu

    After the Mid-Autumn Day holiday, Warehouse & Logistic Department started three days tour to Jiangsu. At half past seven of September 23, we set off.In the first day, we visited Tiger Hill known as “the number one hill in Wuzhong district” and Mudu known as “the number one town in Wuzhong district”.

Recommend products


Bayi Furniture Market, Chengdu

Founded in late 1991 and located in the prime area of Sichuan-Tibet Road and Third Ring Road Interchange, the Chengdu Bayi Furniture Mart is a well-known brand name under the Chengdu Bayi Furniture Co.Ltd.  After more than ten years of rapid development, the Bayi Furniture City has always been adhering to the aim of “managing with integrity and serving the society “.


Dongqian Lake Cycling Trip

Surrounded by green mountains and covering an area of 6.64 hectare, Stone-carving Park is known as a fairy land of Chinese traditional geomantic culture. The carved-stone artworks in the park mainly consists of the Southern Song Dynasty works , partly with some works of Ming and Qing Dynasty, which features accurate appearance, expressive face and varied in size and shape.


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